Have you ever imagined learning how to Wakeboard

You are planning your vacations, destination Cancun Mexico and you have, that ticklish feeling of what else can I provide of fun experience to my kids, friends or family, well enter the Wakeboard and watersports lifestyle.

Picture yourself as the do it all on your travels, you want to take the most out of your voyage, you can literally count how many times you have already visited the famous destination theme parks, like Xcaret or Xelha among some, yes we are local and they are our favorites too, but realize the following; how many times you and your family have taken advantage of your all inclusive resort and not gone out at all, well congratulations you have done the basic typical stuff you do in Cancun, destination of excellence of beach and party goers, but why not stop and try something new, then team up with us, don’t look further; with world class resorts, beautiful beaches, exciting night life and exotic tours, Cancun is the perfect location for your waterski vacation.

Go Wake Cancun

Our ski school is located in the south end of the Cancun Hotel Zone right at the Km. 15+600 just in front of the Hotel Oasis Pyramid, in between the most awesome tex-mex restaurant bar called the Blue Gecko and our top diving school at our marina we call home, Manta Divers,  easy as thats, is our location.

Where do we Wakeboard

We waterski and wakeboard ride on the beautiful warm waters of the Nichupte lagoon. Whether you are a beginner skier, advanced slalom course skier or wakeboarder, you will have a great waterski or wakeboard vacation on the water here in Cancun Mexico.

At Nautik Adventours we offer the ultimate ski vacation, for kids and families to enjoy alike, couples or singles, 12 months, 365 days a year, yes even with port harbor closed the lagoon is our water park so its up to you to enjoy, might be choppy but when you live the watersports lifestyle, you will just want the water.

Wakeboard lessons

Our wakeboard and waterski school is up to the task on training all level of riders, skiers and wakeboarders alike, our vessel is a Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV our endless wakesurf boat and on the process of finishing 2 more for our wake school fleet, a Master Craft Pro Star 19 our “flat wake” boat and a Ski Nautique 19, “the vintage” the golden age of watersports boat.

Our watersports paradise, is the place where you can find all the watersports adrenaline you want while visiting the beaches of Cancun. Learn while you explore the lagoon with our thrilling watersports boat ride through the bay of Cancun, enjoy a private snorkel tour, with personalized attention and the add on activity of the Subwing (Read about in our blog section of the Subwing). Or our premium 6hr boat tour to Isla Mujeres.

The most important thing for us is that you enjoy the experience of spending one of your vacation days with us and have fun with the watersports experts.

The goal of the watersports world

In Cancun the main goal is to expand the watersports education and exercise to the younger generations, due they are always being impacted of the fast paced way of life of a touristic destination, what better way to provide an exercise routine and a family friendly environment on board a wakeboard boat that is a nest in the water, the fun and relaxing atmosphere guaranteed for all levels of water sportmanship, from boom bar, short line training, water side by side coaching and pro clinics through our endless summer season, our wake school provides professional couching and also we bring the best wakeboarders of Mexico or the United States for riding with the real deal of hardcore wakeboarding and slalom courses, always with the best friendly and family focused attitude. Is the lagoon dangerous for watersports

As locals we have been practicing watersports with our family, since we lived in Poktapok, right at the Bojorquez lagoon, the good old days of Cancun, where there were no cocodrile warnings banners all around the hotel zone, when there were held amateur contests motivating the locals to get involved in the watersports lifestyle, but since 2005 and forth the now Bojorquez lagoon hotel zone is filled with signals of “dangerous cocodrile zone” this due a few restaurants change the behavior of some cocodriles by providing them with free food, but still to the majority of locals and watersport goers, is a fame that is nothing to be feared of even with all the signals, watersports activities like kayaking and the popular trend of the paddleboarding tours thrive on, even flyboard and jungle tour activities go on the water of the lagoon. And with all this navigation, noise and disturbance the cocodrile as a scar

ed reptile goes away to the mangroves of the Love and English lagoons situated afar of where we practice watersports, feeling still frightful just stop over thinking it, there has never been a cocodrile on a

waterskier, its not like the apex predator is going to chase you over the water at waterskiing speed,worry more on the coconuts of the coconut boulevard.

Watersports background

Developing a sense for a new watersport, called wakesurfing is a challenging task, specially if this sport only appeared on the last decade. In the late 80’s a surfer in the USA got tired of waiting for the waves and anchored his surfboard to a boat to get some exercise by towing the boat to create an artificial wave. Those were the beginnings of the wakesurfing watersport known to this day is the watersport that increases its popularity for the closeness to the boat, the wakesurf rider is like part of the pack of people on board the wake boat ,when waterskiing and wakeboarding is like riding solo. Also the lesser speed creates a louder noise of music coming out of the wake boat and music on means party on.

Wakeboarding is a compound sport. This means that it incorporates features of other activities or extreme sports like Surf, Skate or Snowboard. So it is a complete sport that allows you to work your entire body. Whether to tone or exercise your arms, step up the game with tricks and jumps, wakeboarding in Cancun is one of the best activities you can do in the city. While you can practice on the sea, which sometimes due our caribbean weather contains a slight chop, the ideal is always to practice in lakes and lagoons. That’s why it’s already usual to see some people practicing wakeboard on the Nichupte Lagoon by the day.

Tips and tricks to wakeboarding:

wakeboarding signal

So now you know, if you love extreme sports and outdoor activities, Wakeboarding is a highly recommended activity. If you come to Cancun paradise, practicing  Wakeboarding in Cancun is undoubtedly an activity that will allow you to enjoy your vacations in Cancun in a different way. What better way than to have this experience recorded, filmed or shot, well our team  will also be your paparazzis so you can jump, do the tricks you have learned with us and show them of in your social media or to your families back home, we use a GoPro Hero 5 Session and Nikon Coolpix T610 as our professional photo package, the whole lot not your slightly edited footage, we focus on your advance and learning experience and what better way to improve than to see yourself on video. So what are you waiting for and book the experience now.

Similar watersports

Kite Surf

We recommend you to try the Kite Surfing activity, undoubtably will help you improve the tricks on your sleeve on the wakeboard or the other way around, let the wakeboard practice improve your kite surfing skills, even so it’s a different angle of attack and a wider board the form is quite similar, there is no doubt it will help you a lot, so here is the option we mentioned earlier of the lagoon being with a chop, change the boat for a kitesurfing chute. Our staff choice for learning kite surfing is Wind & Wave.

Cable Park

For all wakeboarders and watersports lovers in the Mayan Rivera, last year the Mayan Water Complex opened its doors, There is a new watersports theme park in town, the Mayan Water complex is a Cable park this means a round and round on an artificial water pond with 3 lagoon filled with colorful caribbean tones, somehow confusing as mentioned by the last W.W.A. held there by some pros that tuned in the color of the water to the skies.
They work with a set of towers towing a rope around the set of kickers, sliders that go around the artificial lagoon, at there you have to rent the gear equipment, helmet, lifejackets and more per the service of counted hours, but no worries, you can also contact us and we count with a special deal package specially for the Nautik Adventours clientele for the M.W.C.

Summer season, all year long
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