Waterskiing: in Cancun we consider the waterskiing a mixture of surf and snow skiing, this sport which reaches medium speeds demands good reflexes and balance. The participant’s ski over the water grabbed themselves from a handle of a ski rope that is attached and towed by the boat, realizing maneuvers over one ski on upon to the other side of the ski.

Wakeboard Wakeboard in Cancun is a water sport where you slice over the water above the board which is a compound of foam mixed with resin over fiber glass, being towed by the boat and the rider is grabbed by a handle on the wakeboard rope within speeds of 18 to 24 miles per hour. This sport gets its name by the wake zone the boat at towing speed creates and where the rider uses for the pops and freestyle jumps.

Wakesurf: in Cancun is a water sport of a fusion within surfing and wakeboarding but within this sport you use the endless wake of the boat pressure that makes an awesome experience of riding a wave, the wake mimics the vision and feel of a real surfing wave, it is a must.

Wakeskate in Cancun is the adaptation of wakeboarding and skate boarding a similar design in the board is in effect but without bindings to secure the rider to the board, this is a must do for all adrenaline goers.

Wake ski are the newest adaptation of roller blading, implies a water skiing design but wider to make pop jumps allowing the rider to skate the wake and soar the waves in style.

Slalom , is the fastest most agile and most demanding water sport, it’s a mono ski that you balance with either foot one on front and the other support foot on the back, this discipline is the most competitive due there is a 6 buoy course that you pass zigzagging in order to get to the next gate, any time you see a slalom rider you will end up with your mouth open for it to be so spectacular walls of water and the soaring speeds that the rider body reaches.

Snorkeling adventure: Snorkeling adventure in Cancun we offer professional equipment not your ordinary plastic snorkel tube, we have the dry snorkels which is a autonomous dive and allows you to breath in and exhale air while you enjoy the snorkel activity above the reefs on the surface line.

Subwing consists of 2 wings towed by a vessel that does not require speed than above idle up to 4 knots this wings are connected by a rotation piece that allows gyroscopic maneuvers in different angles that lets you soar through the surface or dive. Moving the angle of attack of the wing lets you move in a downward or upward direction or even spin left and right, for the most advanced users there is also a back grip to equalize within deep the ear pressure.